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The future and how you can help

The Get CreActive project has now concluded but there is so much more that this project's researchers want to do. They are working on forming other projects and applying for funding. Some of these projects will be formal research – and for that they need your help. 

Research funds are often highly competitive.  To help the researchers get a head start, they need to be sure they can find people with hip dysplasia willing to take part in research. 

That might mean being interviewed about your experiences, testing out new interventions, joining projects like Get CreActive etc.  To help with this the researchers at Cardiff University are building a database of people with hip dysplasia willing to be contacted about taking part in research. 

If you would be willing to help in this way – please fill in the form below.  Your data will be stored on secure servers at Cardiff University.  How your data will be stored and managed is explained further in the form below.

The GetCreactive group