Yoga & pilates

Yoga and pilates are types of exercise where you move your body into various positions or postures in order to improve strength, flexibility and general fitness.

Yoga is also sometimes accompanied by breathing techniques and meditation to aid relaxation.

Lots of the group find yoga or pilates helpful – and enjoy it too. Below, Lena talks about how yoga has helped her.

Yoga mat
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Bea's top tips are:

  • Don’t assume yoga is just for really stretchy people - yoga is for anyone!
  • You may want to start with Yoga Nidra, the ‘yoga of sleep’ which is about focusing on breathing and being guided through meditation. As you become more confident, you can try different forms of yoga.
  • Try not to overthink and worry about what you might not be able to do. Focus on your breathing and stretch in a gentle way. Don’t put pressure on yourself.
  • Speak to the studio before you start and explain about your hips. A good studio won’t expect you to do anything you don’t feel comfortable with.
  • Take notice of how your experience changes over time - I noticed a massive difference in my mobility and mindset.
“Exercising with others has encouraged me and prompted me to keep trying with different types of exercise. We have a lot in common, more than not. Lots of nice things to think about!”
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