The night before surgery, and what to wear to hospital

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Tips for the night before hip surgery

Try to hydrate as much as possible beforehand as well as throughout it all. Especially the days before and after the op. 

Eat as healthily as possible beforehand, and have plenty of protein.

I’d suggest porridge and fruit the night before and have a pint of water next to your bed, ready to down as much as you can when the alarm goes off (up until the last point allowed to drink). 

I wasn't allowed toeat after midnight the night before and could not drink water after 7am. I set my alarm to drink a lot of water before the deadline and I was told that was a good thing for the anaesthetic.

What should I wear to hospital for hip surgery?

  • Warm hoodie
  • T-shirt 
  • Soft/ wide-leg joggers
  • Slip-on lightweight trainers/ pumps (I bought Sketchers) - make sure they are not too tight for wearing after
November 2021

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