Mentally preparing for hip surgery

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I read this anecdote before that when someone tells you before an injection ‘ooh, this is going to hurt’ you can bet it will!

This is because your brain is already telling you it will hurt before it happens and you brace for impact. The mind is very powerful tool in coping with pain management.

I can tell you that whilst I was in hospital, I was a bit uncomfortable from time to time, and I had an hour one morning when tears started running down my face for no reason at all. But there was not one single time when my pain levels were not well under control. The first couple of days I didn’t feel any pain at all. 

Different people relate to different coping strategies.

I use a Headspace app for mindful meditations. I had photos of my family on my mobile, a picture drawn by my little girl on my bedside table and a very small book of strories my grandfather gave me which has an inspiring story about not dwelling on feeling sorry for the yourself(I didn’t actually read but like to have it with me). 

I also wrote myself a note to remind myself why I was putting myself through this. Just in case I had a day in recovery where I doubted my decision. (I have heard others experienced this doubt, only to be utterly delighted with the results later).

So as I’d questioned myself many times whether I needed to do this, I thought this might come in handy. I’ve not needed it just yet though. 

Find your own inspiration and mental strategy and use it to stay strong.

November 2021

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